9 Reasons To Create a Personal Blog

Personal Blog

Blogging is such a great platform for communication I thought it was worthwhile to discuss advantages to creating a family or personal blog.

  1. If you blog you will be writing, and if your write you will become a better writer. In your heart you know that is true – if you want to be a better writer you need to spend some time actually sitting down and writing. Blogging is an easy way to do it. As you blog you will find that your thoughts clarify and you will investigate the subject matter of your post more so that you can present your point better.
  2. Blogging is an online diary, and it is a way of chronicling what happens in your life for future generations. I know you think that all those precious moments of the children will remain in your mind forever, but you will be surprised at what fades away. And blogging keeps the memories for future generations.
  3. Having a blog gives you bragging rights. At least for a little while blogging is still not commonplace so “working on my blog” gives you something to say at Thanksgiving when obnoxious Uncle Fred bothers you about what you are doing with your life.
  4. A personal blog can start with you but expand to the people you love. Family, church or community blogs can provide a place for communication between people who are connected – even if they are separated by distance.  On a family blog you could post a family tree, family recipes and family memories.  You could organize the blog and allow others to submit articles.
  5. A blog can be a way to cheer yourself – and the world up. Or to inspire the world. When I developed breast cancer I  decided that humor is the best medicine so I developed the free blog: fiddledeedeealaughaday.blogspot.com – I have illustrated some jokes out of books but also gone to youtube and just taken free videos there. Fun!
  6. Personal blogs can help you with a goal like losing weight. They help build accountability.
  7. And then your personal blog is an excellent way to raise money for your favorite charity!
  8. Even a personal blog will open up your world in ways that are very surprising.  Sometimes blogs will be seen by people you do not know and you will receive encouragement from all over the world.
  9.  Sometimes free personal blogs bring in money. Such is the case with waveatthebus.blogspot.com  – a blog started when a family wanted to greet their son every day as he went to school – so they waved everyday in a different costume. The blog took off.  If you notice, there are ads that appear on the page and the blogger gets money every time someone clicked on the ads. Kinda sweet, eh?

There are lots of free blogging platforms – blogger.com, wordpress.com, tumblr.  Many people decide that they want control over their content so they eventually start a hosted blog  ( like this one hosted by Hostgator with a domain from Godaddy)

Yes, there are plenty of personal reasons to start a blog. But how about if you just flat out want to earn $$$$$$$$ ?   Blogging is great for that too – and the next post will cover the some of the ways to make money from blogging.





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