Rose at eBay HeadquartersAlong with many other costumes she wears as a Mother of two boys, and a great dog Buckwheat, nurse of thirty plus years, and just plain old citizen – Rose Marie Jones aka:Gypzeerose is a dedicated Internet Marketer.

That is because the Internet is a great equalizer – it offers something for anyone, and definitely new ways to make money that were never considered twenty five years ago.

I’ve has been on the Internet for about six years, and have made some money in different pursuits – but now is the year to ramp it up and really make it profitable.

I have observed all kinds of people – educated or not – young and old – from privileged backgrounds or poor backgrounds make a significant if not stunning amounts of money on line! I want that to happen to me! And I believe that it can, if I follow some proven methods of Internet Marketing.

Along with the money, this Marketers is fascinated by the creativity and the promise of the Internet. From publishing a dog blog to making a Youtube video on a hobby, or writing a vampire novel on Kindle – the Internet has opened up a world of creativity for many people. I love writing on the Net.

I know it is possible to make money, sometimes your entire living and sometimes a fortune through Internet marketing. Personally I have tried affiliate marketing, blogging and eSelling as ways of making money on the Web. I am interested in publishing on I have another site: dedicated to my eSelling.

Please join me on this journey – and celebrate your own prosperity too!

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