Do We have a Jobless Economy? How Internet Marketing will Get you Through a Time of No Jobs

jobsAre we coming to the end of jobs – and can marketing online help us in this changing economy ?

If you have been interested in Internet Marketing for a while you will hear something similar to this “Get rid of your stinking J-O-B! After all J-O-B stands for “Just over Broke.” Many of us have jobs that we HATE or jobs that just don’t satisfy us in one way or the other.

And it is true: an Internet based business offers all kinds of benefits that you just cannot have if you are employed in a traditional job. These include being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it and wherever you want to do it. I love the idea of being able to blog or participate in any of the many ways to make money using your personal computer that is out there  in Butte, Montana, France or in San Francisco and still make money.

However, the truth of the matter is that some people like their jobs, or they like some of the aspects of it like socializing with co-workers, feeling like they are helping others or maybe just the health benefits.

And some people LOVE their jobs or careers, and they really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  But even if these people follow the traditional paths to success the World is changing in ways that make knowing how to use the computer to make money an essential skill.  Yesterday I was shocked to hear a report from NPR on the lives of adjunct professors, most of whom have PhD’s and some of whom are working in the finest institutions of the US.  Many of them have no health benefits and are working for shockingly low salaries: such as 20,000 to 40,000.  They are starting to organize and protest, but in the meanwhile they have light bills to pay and they might actually want to have a cup of coffee out sometime.

One of the adjunct professors said that she had never wanted to be anything but a French professor. There are many people like that out there in the world:  they love or like their jobs but for so many the money just isn’t enough or the opportunities to get and keep the jobs is too hard.

I firmly believe that Internet Marketing in all of its aspects can help these people. I think everyone needs to be able to do something to make money outside of work: whether it is writing a blog, a Kindle book, doing affiliate marketing or selling on eBay or Fulfilled by Amazon. The economy is still a rich one, but it is changing.

Are we coming to the end of jobs – and can marketing online help us in this changing economy ?

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