Do your Productivity Habits make you a Hamster on a Wheel – Or a Success?

how productive people get stuff done

I really enjoyed this infographic from Funders and Founders – a blog run by Anna Vitale that helps organizations, start-ups, non-profits – and businesses like you are starting by distilling information into infographics.

What she is saying is that there are at least 35 HABITS of uber-productive people, in all areas of life.  Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but the uber-productive seem to have more!  Here are some of my favorite  “habits of the super-productive that you can adopt to  make your life truly bountiful.

BODY – Two of her habits spoke to me personally:

  • Exercise to reduce anxiety. I am not a natural exerciser, so I have to remind myself of this constantly – that if I exercise, I will get a high that will help me deal with whatever challenges I face.
  • Focus on getting sleep.  If you are starting your business it is probably at least partially motivated by needing more money. If you are like me you will find yourself fretting about it, trying to do this or that and losing sleep. Most likely you might find if you trust the process a little bit, and allow your body the sleep it desperately needs you will be MUCH more productive the next day. And you will not be setting yourself up for illness.

FOOD- One habit of the productive stood out to me as key:

  • Routinize your diet.  If we have a schedule of what we are going to eat, we can schedule in healthy but inexpensive foods, and frees more mental space for  our business.

TECH – In  a nutshell – productive people do not respond every time there is a tech signal – and they do not hesitate to turn it off.

CLOTHES – Lots of good suggestions here –

  • Wear smart fabrics.  Don’t spend your life defined by your ironing board.
  • Discard what you are wearing.  Clearing out ALWAYS brings prosperity, especially if you give to the Goodwill or some other place where your clothes will be needed.
  • Define your fashion uniform. Wear it daily.  Entrepreneurs can make millions in their pajamas, but you might be more focussed if you dress up a bit more professionally.

SCHEDULE – My favorite habits to implement:

  • Prioritize one item per day –   If you are involved in several products this is essential, both for your overall productivity and for your peace of mind. If you finish that one thing, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, even if you have lots that you are facing.
  • Better done than perfect.  When you start something you will not be an expert at it. When I started selling on eBay, my pictures were terrible. They still are not great – but I list anyway. I know I can deliver a good product, so I know I will ultimately please my buyer. will improve – in the meanwhile: I have made sales and am building a good reputation in the eBay community.  Don’t let a fear of not being perfect stop you from succeeding.

MIND- Probably one of the most important areas.  My take-aways:

  • Start an Idea Dump for Projects that you can’t start right now. What a great idea! As you get more involved in creating a new life for yourself online you will find more and more creative ideas.  A “Spark Book”  (I don’t like the Idea Dump phrase) will hold those ideas safe until you can get to them.
  • Focus on the important, suppress the urgent.  To me this didn’t mean ignore your reality: but that you develop discernment. For instance if you hear a screaming two year old it is up to you to decide quickly whether the two year old is truly in danger and you have to save her,  or whether she is just having a tantrum that you can ignore.   Symbolically you will be faced with many “tantrums” in your life:  it is up to you to ignore them and turn to what is important.

HACKS- Random ways to speed up your life:

  • Visualize your end product. Always have your activity lead to an end.
  • Start before you feel ready, avoid the chicken and the egg.  You are never ready to do something you have never done before: start with what you have.
  • When you read something helpful – write to the author.  Brilliant. Besides being nice, you have made a valuable connection in your field.
  • If you can’t write it down, record it. You probably have a great voice recorder on your phone right now.
  • If you have a mind block, make a mind map. Sometimes getting visual helps.

I’d like to add one more way to stay productive of my own: Remember your BIG WHY.  I think it was Gary Keller who first came up with that phrase: how to stay motivated by looking at why you started in the first place. When you become successful will you be able to pay bills, take a vacation, give to those who need it, have peace of mind? Do you feel a creative release when you write something of value?

All those are great Big Why’s – that will keep you going when nothing else will.




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