Money Making Blogs – Just How can You Make Money with a Blog?

Make money Online for Beginners

I am NOT an Internet Millionaire. But some people are, and I hope to be one myself someday.

But here is a little about what I do know about some of the main ways that people make money blogging. Note the emphasis on “little” as there is just so much to say.
Blogs can be money making – and you should have one for your business.If you have an offline business – a brick and mortar store – you  should have a blog.  And if you want to want to make money strictly online you should have a blog.

This post will just touch on the many ways that you can make money online through a blog, without having a brick and mortar store.  When I first  realized that blogging could be profitable, it seemed to be so mysterious. And since I am not yet an Internet multi-millionaire there is still a bit of mystery!

  • Affiliate programs. This is probably the entry level for most Internet marketers and for good reason. Affiliate programs are free to join, and any good program will give you plenty of ways  to promote your products for free. For instance probably the largest affiliate program in the world is Amazon.  Amazon sells physical products – truly everything from soup to nuts, much more than just the books that it was initially associated with.  Your blog might be perfect to promote Amazon products. Say you have a fondness for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel  that just does not make sense. You could conceivably write about the series and show the picture to the  Spike action figure – and you would get a little bit if someone bought it. Now what is cool is that you do not have to store it or ship it – you will still get a piece of the sale.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - CineQuest.Com Exclusive - Dark Witch Willow price
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer – CineQuest.Com Exclusive – Dark Witch Willow

    Willow is my favorite witch of all, because she goes through such human changes. She is first the shy nerd who is even afraid to talk to Buffy, then the super successful student and finally the almost queen of the world as she used her Witchcraft to send her into great power. This is the famous Dark Willow – who fans know almost destroyed the world.

    And what is cool is that once the customer enters Amazon by your link,  they may buy other items or even go on a shopping spree. It is great to get a commission on However,  Amazon is a temperamental mistress, and periodically she will  dump affiliates in different states. That happened after a friend and I started promoting Amazon products – all the California affiliates were dumped. They have taken us back now, but don’t worry even if you can’t sell for Amazon you will have lots of other opportunities to peddle your wares.

      • For example, how about Commission Junction, Shareasale and the Walmart Commission Program?  Also many niches have unique items, like horse saddles or scuba diving equipment and sometimes the companies themselves have an affiliate program.
      • But say you don’t want to sell physical products, are there any options for you. You bet!  Actual the whole world of digital marketing is now open to you. The king of that is Clickbank. You can promote anything from The Magic of Making Up  and help couples get back on track to the latest diet craze The Paleo Diet  or even off-beat niches like Ted’s Woodworking Plans.  There are lots of digital product affiliate programs, and lots of places to find products to promote.  Warrior Forum is a source of lots, lots and even more digital products to promote – from eBooks to wordpress plugins.  A word to the wise – if you actually use the programs that you promote, you will be more authentic and your conversions will increase.
      • Having a blog will allow you to use Adsense and Chitika and other platforms that bring money to use without your customer having to buy anything.  My little blog  Fiddle Dee-Dee a Laugh a Day is mostly just for my own amusement, but it is monetized by Adsense.  I have done almost no promotion of that blog besides putting funny youtube videos on it, and I have earned over $85 on it! Every time someone clicks on one of the ads I earn a few pennies. The same with Chitika links – if someone clicks on one of those on your blog  you will get paid a little bit.
      • This brings us to the next strategy of making money with CPA programs.  “Cost per Action” programs may involve your buyer buying something, but often you are getting paid for capturing the information for the buyer so that the merchant can contact them. In other words you are getting paid for getting leads for your buyer. Depending on the industry a lead can be worth a great deal indeed. For instance getting a reader to fill out a form so that a mortgage broker can contact them might earn you $25, and you might promote dating and credit check forms for a few bucks – but they only need supply an email. Some  recommended CPA networks include: Wolf Storm Media, C2M, Mundo, Adsimilis, Neverblue, Peerfly and Maxbounty.
      • Okay – if you really want more control – why not promote your own products? If you get a loyal group of supports to visit your blog they will become open to the idea of buying an ebook, some coaching or an actual book from you. Perhaps you have a gardening blog and you promote your new eBook on low water gardening. Doing so on your own blog is a perfect place to do this. Most Kindle authors find that developing a blog is essential to marketing their Kindle book.
      • The last three of the many, many ways that you can make money with commercial blogs involve just learning the skills of making a blog and then selling the blog to other people. In my small town there are two Mexican restaurants and neither one of them has a blog. If I developed a blog for “My Town Mexican Restaurant” I could probably sell it to one of them.
      • You can take that same idea forward and help other people develop all kind of blogs including the personal blogs that I discussed earlier.
      • And last if you really learn the skills of blogging, you will be able to develop sites and then flip them on the Internet “real estate” market. The number one site for selling websites is Flippa – where savvy Internet marketers will buy your site for further development rather than starting by scratch.    

This post is getting too long and I haven’t even began to enter the world of blogging! There are so many other questions – how do I know what to say, how do I promote my blog, which monetization method is better for my particular blog.  We will be approaching all of these questions in further postings so stay tuned.



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