Your Success Mindset – Climb over Mountains to the Promised Land Using the Amazing Power of your Mind

Success Mindset

Success is Your Point of View

To be successful in Internet Marketing as well as anything in life, you have to know a lot of skills and take specific actions – but nothing happens until you realize that successes is a state of mind.

I recently read an eBook about the success mindset from  one of my favorite Internet Marketers:  Sara Young.  I have been trying to become successful online for a while now, and my inbox is closed to most marketers because I just don’t trust them. I mean after a while you get tired of inflated promises from people who just seem to not care about you, as well as not really providing a step by step way of getting to success.

But Sara is the real deal, and she is a lot like me. She is a Mom working hard to make a better life for her family, and  she usually gives a lot away for free in her emails – including this neat eBook on the success mindset. I recently learned that she has struggled a lot – and that by using abundance thinking as well as sensible, concrete actions that came from her viewpoint she was able to become more successful than she had every dreamed.

Truth be told – you can know as many ways to become successful on the Net as there are – but unless you BELIEVE it is possible and if you do not have strategies to help you with the inevitable obstacles – you will fail.

Sara Young provided us with five principles to guide us in developing a success mindset that I want to share with you:

  • Feel the fear and Do it Anyway
  • Work around obstacles and be quick to adapt to change
  • Use a Proven Method
  • Ask For Help
  • Enjoy What you Do

For instance, in my life I feel fear just by declaring that I am an Internet Marketer which a lot to give.  As I make the moves away from shared sites like Squidoo to my own sites and my own products, I am forced to stretch in ways that can be uncomfortable at first, but they are absolutely necessary for continued success.  I think the fear is of disapproval from others, or being unable to do something – who knows, maybe even of success itself. However I do know that as I stretch even in little ways I become more successful.

In regards to the second premise:  “Work around obstacles and be quick to adapt to change” – if you can’t do that in Internet Marketing you are sunk. It is ironic, you are on your own in many ways and thus you have a huge amount of control over your future, yet at times forces outside of your control can deal nasty blows to you and how you respond will make the difference with whether you succeed or fail. One example that a lot of people know is the dreaded Google slap. It seems that for years Google has developed schemes that will overnight change the rules, and sites that got a lot of traffic will suddenly be no where to be seen. If it is any consolation,  dealing with obstacles productively usually will end up helping your business in the long run. For instance, many marketers have developed deeper, more meaningful sites in order to please Google and ended up making more sales. In my own case, having my hard-drive crash in December seemed like a tragedy  for my fledgling eBay business – but if it wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have learned how to list on eBay using my Android.

Sara’s third premise is to “Use a Proven Method.” That is one reason I am selling on eBay now – I need cash in my pocket and lots of people have used it for years just for that purpose. To learn how to do it,  I have sought out all the free resources on Youtube that are available as well as buying courses that are worthwhile – but realizing that I am in business to make money not buy courses.  Also, along with choosing a proven method – I am trying to get good at it before I go onto something else. I truly believe that many more people could be getting money on a regular basis – and maybe even getting RICH if they stuck with something for long enough to get some results.

When it comes for “asking for help” – I must admit that I am great at that. I was the little girl who always asked the embarrassing questions in geometry – only to find out that other people didn’t know the answers either. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions – even if you do look stupid! In a while you will get answer, grow and develop your business – and then you will look SMART! Also, this is a great age will many resources – there are many free or low cost forums, free Facebook groups and marketers who will answer your questions for free. Be nosy – keep asking for help!

Along with this, at some time in your business you will realize that rather than doing everything yourself you can – and should outsource the parts of your business that you choose not to do, or just would struggle too hard for it to be worth it to learn.  You can rest assured that Donald Trump does not mow his own lawn – you cannot do all of your business either.

Sara’s last premise is the one that I struggle with ironically.  “Have fun with what you are doing.” I must say that I have to fight the idea that work doesn’t have to be hard, miserable labor to be profitable! Although I am willing to do the boring parts of the business, I need to allow myself a chance to have fun as I do it – and you do too. That can be as simple as taking your laptop to a favorite cafe to work on your site – to doing what I am doing: promising myself a trip to Vegas when I list a certain amount of items on eBay. You want to create a better life for yourself, not just a different life.

Having an abundant, successful mindset is one of the best ways we can improve our business – and it is free!



Success Mindset

Success is Your Point of View




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